Membership Rewards

Loyalty Rewards

At Love Cycling Tech we're all about giving back to our customers. We have many ways in which you can receive discounts. Have a read below how you can get those discounts.

Love Cycling Tech automatically determines customer status over a 365 day rolling period from your last purchase and we currently have 2 levels of discounts which are set out below.

GOLD - Gold customers receive a 5% discount on all purchases providing they have spent £50 in the last 365 days.

PLATINUM - Platinum customer receive a 12% discount on all purchases providing the have spent £100 in the last 365 days.

Points Rewards

Love Cycling Tech offers points which can be redeemed and used as a money off discount. Customers will need an account to do this you do this by clicking here.

500 Points = £2.50 off

1000 Points = £5.00 off

2500 Points = £12.50 off 

Points are earned as follows:-

Review - Leave a review = 500 Points

Referral Program - Refer a friend = 500 Points

Punch Card - Make 5 purchases = 500 points

Happy Birthday = 100 Points

Goal Spend - Spend over £100 = 250 Points

Points for Purchases - Earn for every £1 spent in our store = 10 Points

Create an account - 100 Points